Restore backup from Linux to windows

Hi Friends,

This is very simple post and I am writing this as I got this question from one of the SQL Groups.

We all know that we can restore the backup from Windows to SQL Linux but how about vice versa.

Can we restore a backup of the database from Linux to Windows? 

Initially I thought because of different file system formats it is not possible but my assumption is completely wrong.

we can very well do it. Below is the version of my Linux(source: oracle virtual box Guest)

I restored it on to my local laptop that is running on Windows 10 with SQL Server 2019

This clearly indicates that there will not be any issues I know this is not a great post but I just wanted to share this to make people aware as I didn't find any documentation.

It's been long time for me to post something on SQL Linux after all my blog started with SQL Clustering on Linux(ubuntu) below is the link in case if needed.