Mysterious SQL Backups causing Blocking

 Hi Friends,

I am sharing this post as it come across my Environment. From yesterday Morning we found our Backups are getting blocked. We always have Ola scripts in place and the backups are being done to File share.

At the same time we have Veeam File system backups too.  I was serving the on-call from Yesterday night and I got calls multiple times and all of them are related to backups getting blocked.

As you can see this is how it looks the user name being NT Authority.  By the way we don't have any SQL Servers running with Local system as Service Accounts.

Then from where these are getting triggered and after  checking the logs I found something suspicious at the same time

As you can see from the above images it is indicating that something related to Shadow copy and VSSAudit(Volume Shadow Services) and later after checking with Windows Team I came to know that the antivirus software(SentinelOne) is causing this as it is trying to create VSS Snapshot for Databases.

I always wonder why Windows team will not update DBA's team for this kind of activities. Anyways it is good learning lesson for me.


Kote Easwar said…
nice post vamsy