Are we Missing to Enable Trace Flags in on-premises Environment?

Hi Friends,

This time I am going to share a list of trace flags which can be enabled based on your Environmental needs.

There are many blogs which already covered this topic in-detail then why I am publishing this? Well, I always read documentation from Microsoft for each topic. When I was reading about Query Store I realized that there are 2 trace flags( 7752 & 7745) which automatically gets turned on in SQL Azure.

By default, all queries are blocked from running in the database until Query Store is loaded if Query Store is enabled on the database. To Overcome this we need 7752.

After reading this I got a doubt in mind like are there any trace flags which gets turned on automatically in SQL Azure which we are not aware?

To understand this I ran dbcc status(-1) on SQL Azure Managed instance and below are the trace flags which are running

May be it's time for us to read this and make use of some of them in our on-premises environment too.

By the by for few of them I didn't find any links to understand for (example: 8037)

Below are the links which explains them