The Peer prematurely closed the connection

Hi Friends,

Today I would like to share one of the problems what I had in my Environment.

There is a project(OLAP->Analysis services task) that has been deployed in to SSISDB . When we execute the Analysis service dimension task it will work with out any issues. However the same task fails to get executed when we run it Via SSISDB.

Below are the Details:

OS: Windows Server 2016
SQL: 2017 RTM
Connection string:
Data Source=XXXXXXXXX;User ID=XXXX;Initial Catalog=XXX;Provider=MSOLAP.8;Persist Security Info=True;Impersonation Level=Impersonate;Format=Multidimensional

We have our Database ,Analysis and SSIS Services running on the same machine. When executed the package on the same server we got the below error

The error was so weird and didn't help us in guiding to right direction. 

Okay I thought of executing the package remotely and this time we got the below error message

I tried to analyze by running the Profiler trace on Analysis Engine but no luck. Finally I thought of applying the latest Cumulative Update(CU20) and it did the trick.

So Friends it is better to run Latest CU's to overcome some unknown issues.

When searched in Internet for the Solution I was not able to find it but found the similar problem to that of mine. Below is the link for the same.

I am not saying this is the solution but nevertheless it's worth trying.

Thank you for Reading and catch you later.


Thank you very much for sharing ...!!!
Chris Lesnar said…
Thanks for the amazing post.
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