Remote oracle installation using Graphical Installer

Hi Mates,

Firstly, I am not an Oracle DBA however I just started learning it. So any of posts related to oracle will be very basic & there are chances for errors too. Hence kindly comment & correct me if I am wrong any where.

Just Like SQL Server even in Oracle we do have GUI based as well as Silent Installations.

As you know Oracle Database servers mostly run on UNIX based operating systems so there will be no GUI support unlike Desktop Based Unix OS's.

if you want to install Oracle on a remote server via the graphical installer then you can make use of this article.

I already installed  Oracle 11G on my virtual server & on the same box I am going to install Oracle 12C.  Hence I copied the software from my local laptop to oracle virtual server box through WinSCP.

There are many software's available in the market for X Window System but I really liked MobaXTERM.

In this article I am running mobaXterm on windows 10 & my Oracle Database server is running on Oracle Enterprise Linux 7.5.

As you can see in the below screen shot I copied the software & also you can check the IP address as well which we are going to  use in MobaXterm.

Now open MobaXterm software click on New session enter the IP address of Database server & user name as root. (probably In real time we will not have root privileges so we need to take the help of Administrators)

once you are done with that you will get the below image. In my case everything is appearing as Green but if doesn't then I will show you what needs to be done.

If you see X11-forwarding as disabled then you need to install few packages to get it fixed. By the by this is the default case what we see on our Oracle Database Servers

on the database server run the below command of course not you I mean the Linux Administrator.

Yum -y install xterm*  xorg*  xclock xauth

once all the required packages are installed then open vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config file & check whether X11Forwarding is un-commented & also specified as YES

so once you find it in the proper shape restart  the sshd by firing systemctl restart sshd.

After that just restart your mobaXterm session by pressing r that's it. you will now see all the relevant packages to support X11 Forwarding on the server.

Now we need to run xhost + command so that it would enable access to remote host. if we want to enable access on to specified server then run xhost +

We need to ensure that DISPLAY variable is set properly on the Remote computer. so run
echo $DISPLAY  we should see something like the one in below screen shot.

If your DISPLAY variable isn’t set, you must ensure that it’s set to a value that reflects your local home computer location.

so we all are set & now we can run ./runinstaller & I am not going to show or write anything post this as there are many blogs which explained the oracle installation.


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