SQL Server Reporting Services Time out

Hi Folks,

After Many days I am coming up with a useful post.

As part of installation whenever you install Reporting Services some times they would fail to come up online despite of services running in Automatic Mode.

In my case the error message was little different.

when I  checked the Reporting services log could see the below message

appdomainmanager!DefaultDomain!1fb0!06/06/2018-07:02:03:: e ERROR: Windows service failed to start. Exception: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Number must be either non-negative and less than or equal to Int32.MaxValue or -1.
Parameter name: millisecondsTimeout.

This looks little weird however I was able to figure out the issue. There lies some problem with
ServicesPipeTimeout entry inside Registry editor.

It was way too large number so I tweaked the below entry like below


Hmm...that's it we are now error free


Bryan said…
it works, ty a lot!