List of features that are not supported in SQL Azure

Hi Friends,

As we know SQL Azure is evolving at rapid pace & it contains almost every feature that works on on-premises SQL Server.

If you want the explicit list given below are the ones. There are some other alternatives for few of the features say for example SQL Server agent features can be achieved through elastic jobs & Distributed transactions can be achieved through Elastic transactions.

We will explore the alternatives in future posts.

  1. Attach a Database
  2. Change Data Capture
  3. Common Language Runtime
  4. Database Mirroring
  5. Database Mail
  6. Data Quality Services
  7. Database Snapshots
  8. Distributed Transactionsà(Elastic Transactions)
  9. Event Notificationsà(Alerts)
  10. Extended Stored procedures
  11. File Stream
  12. Linked servers
  13. Master Data Services
  14. Minimal logging in Bulk import
  15. Polybase
  16. policy based Management
  17. Resource governor
  18. Restore statements
  19. Service Broker
  20. Server configuration settings
  21. SQL Server Agentà(Elastic Jobs)
  22. SQL Server Auditingà(SQL Database Auditing)
  23. SQL Server Profiler
  24. SSRS
  25. Table partioningà(Primary Filegroup only)